New York by Night

The Prelude Begins

So the players have started their story in the night by visiting a scene that took place 6 months or so before the game start. On day 3 of the Battle of New York Archon Theo Bell led a contingent of Kindred against Archbishop Polonia's Sabbat who were massing at a shipping warehouse complex in The Bronx. The players were a thrown together collection of Kindred determined to make a name for themselves and claim something in NYC when the Camarilla emerged victorious. Seeing that they lacked a certain amount of martial experience, Bell opted to use them to sweep some of the outlying office buildings for Sabbat who may be lurking there. After a short exchange with the characters, in which several of them marked their cards with him, the players set off into what appeared to be an administrative and call handling building. 

Once inside, the resident bruiser Brujah (known only as Piscine de la Muerte, despite his obvious northern European appearance) was directed by Dr Briarwood and Ralph Star (two Ventrue in the group) to cause some disruption and devastation on the companies IT equipment. Meanwhile the unassuming old lady Dorothy Harrington, a very recent addition to the night, and the smooth talking lawyer Ryan Miliner looked towards what looked like a call centre. The group moved here next, and were unable to resist a little pilfering of minor nickknacks from the desks. In the process, they generated some deal of noise, which in turn seemed to have attracted the attention of someone else in the building. As the side door of the office swung open, the coterie belatedly realised they were not alone, and swung their attention toward who ever, or whatever, was aboit to meet them…

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